This is the website of Dave Bonawits, a producer, director and editor currently living in Los Angeles.

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Kim Na Eun - With You
Music Video

Despite working at Cartoon Network for 15 years, I don't get the chance to animate as much as I’d like. So when Seoul based musician Kim Na Eun asked me to make an animated music video for her new song, I happily obliged. And the song is great! 

credits: director, animator

The Manticores - Lulls
Music Video

Miracle, mystery and authority is explored in this music video for The Manticores.

credits: director, cinematographer, editor

Billie Eilish on FishCenter
Musical Perfomance

I did not do the audio engineering of most FishCenter musical performances, but I engineered this one. She got very famous shortly thereafter. You do the math. 

credits: audio engineer

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever
Youtube Video

I was asked to shoot and edit this group re-enactment of the Kate Bush video. It’s one of my favorite things I ever worked on. 

credits: camera operator, editor

These Elk Forever - Gold Veins
Music Video

Old footage for an old song, revisited and made new. 

credits: cinematographer, editor