This is the website of Dave Bonawits, a producer, director and editor currently living in Los Angeles.

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On Cinema Live

A live production of On Cinema at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Ga.
You can watch the whole thing at

credits: camera operator, editor

Stupid Morning Bullshit Invitational on the Green
Adult Swim Digital 

For a while, Adult Swim president Mike Lazzo and Fishcenter host Andrew Choe played golf every weekend. This time it was recorded and broadcast on adult

credits: camera operator, editor

Driving Tommy Wiseau
to the Plaza Theatre

Short Documentary 

This is, by my own skewed estimation, the best interview with Tommy Wiseau on youtube. 

credits: camera operator, editor

Aqua Teen BNGO Sweepstakes Finale 
Adult Swim Digital

Three contestants compete to win a car like the one in Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 

credits: editor

Ned and the Art of Fish Tank Maintenance
Fishcenter Original Videos

I made many short documentaries with Ned, the caretaker of the Adult Swim fish tank. This collection of clips, shot over a period of 5 years, spotlights some of the more dramatic moments of FishCenter. Ned’s wisdom always cut through in a poignant way. Note that many of these videos were shot, edited and aired within a 2 to 3 hour turnaround time.

credits: camera operator, editor