This is the website of Dave Bonawits, a producer, director and editor currently living in the Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Prop Culture
Podcast - iHeartMedia

A hang out podcast discussing current events, cultural absurdities and celebrity real estate. The hook of the show is that it is being hosted by three NFT’s, disecting these matters from a distinctly non-fungible POV. I play the role of Quirkies 307. 

credits: co-host, audio engineer, editor

Prop Culture on IHeartMedia
Variety Article
American Banker Article 


Tender Touches
Adult Swim Television Series

An animated comedy series about two brothers. Originally a soap opera parody, the show quickly mutated into a lightly supernatural exploration of family dynamics. 

credits: co-creator, writer, editor, voice actor, sound design

FishCenter Live
Adult Swim Livestream Series

A daily sport, talk and game show centered around the Adult Swim office fish tank. The fish compete and callers play games to award points to their favorite fish. Somehow, we made over 1400 episodes. I know a lot about tropical fish now. 

credits: co-host, cinematographer, audio engineer, video content producer


April Fool’s with Post Malone
Adult Swim TV Packaging

Every year Adult Swim has some sort of April Fool's stunt. 2020 featured Post Malone and friends playing strange games. We also inserted him into the programming for the night. 

credits: co-writer, camera operator, editor